Holiday Gift Guide: Our Ultimate "Foodie" List To Dominate Holiday Gift Giving This Year

Holiday gift shopping isn’t easy, and it’s even more difficult when you’re dedicated to finding a gift that truly suits the recipient. Fortunately, foody gifts make some of the best holiday gifts. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Everyone eats! Whether your recipient is an accomplished chef, new to the kitchen, or simply prefers to snack on delicious, curated foody treats, there’s a foody gift for everyone.
  • Foody gifts are available in a wide range of price points. No more stressing about gift giving for everyone on your list – you choose the components, packaging, and ultimately, the final cost of your foody gift.
  • Foody gifts are easily customizable. No matter the kitchen skill level, taste or food sensitivities of your recipient, foody gifts are available for an assortment in any configuration you wish.

Better yet, here at Small Batch Foody, you won’t have to drag yourself to the local mall, walk the farmer’s market in the bitter cold, or rely on the often sparse gift baskets at the local grocer. Instead, you can select from a robust variety of foody holiday gifts right here on our website. Choose a chocolate-based gift for the chocolate lover in your life, a cocktail mixer set for the burgeoning bartender in your group, or even a spices and seasoning selection for the new homeowner on your gift list. The choices truly are endless. Customized Gifts For Your Entire Gift List

With great choice comes great responsibility – or at least that’s what other vendors would like you to believe. Of course, Small Batch Foody’s large selection of artisan, small-batch foody gifts presents you with an important choice to be made. Fortunately, this gift guide is designed to provide you with some educated suggestions for practically everyone on your list, built over time by our staff.

Holiday Gifts For Mom & Dad

Parents are perhaps more deserving than anyone of an expertly curated gift basket from Small Batch Foody. Is Mom a chocoholic? If so, the Coco and Co Mexican Chocolate Spread and the Olive & Sinclair Sea Salt Chocolate Bar are among many other delicious chocolatey treats in our Chocolate Lover’s Gift. It is the perfect gift for those long winter nights. Is Dad a snack fiend? If he is, the Bjorn Qorn in our Snacks Galore Gift is ideal for the upcoming slate of winter sports. Alternatively, build the world’s best foody gift basket for both Mom and Dad, curated by the person who knows them best – you. First, determine if your parents prefer to craft their own snacks, or if they’d love a gift full of artisan snacks, ready to eat. Then, pick a selection of ingredients or snacks from a variety of different flavor profiles; we like to pair savory snacks like Bruce Julian Couch Mix with sweets like Postre Sea Salt Caramels and kitchen-ready mixes like Lily Bean Chocolate Cupcake Mix with condiments like Holmstead Fines Apple Jalapeno Chutney.

Holiday Gifts at Work

Whether you’re tasked with a Secret Santa gift for a coworker or simply wish to reward the world’s best employees (or the world’s best boss!) with a unique gift, foody gifts cover all your workplace gifting needs. For those who must give many gifts, choose a crowd pleaser that the majority of recipients will enjoy; we suggest Blue Moose Sea Salt Caramel Fudge, Postre Chocolate Caramels, or even a tasty bag of Bjorn Qorn.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift basket for a coworker or boss, consider our curated gift collections. Alternatively, try building your own selection of items dependent on your recipient’s tastes. Bakery items like Little Belgians Speculoos S’mores pair well with more substantial items such as Olympio Provisions Chorizo and spreads like TBJ Spiced Tomato Jam

Holiday Gifts For College Students

There’s likely no recipient more open to trying unique foody gifts than a college student. You can tailor a final exam gift basket for your student’s pre-holiday needs, or send them back from holiday break in style and stocked up for the long semester to come. Be warned – gifts like this TBJ Emergency Bacon Kit are so popular with our college-age customers that you may have repeat requests long after the holiday season is over.

Since many college students are without means of preparing food in a private kitchen, we suggest our Snacks Galore Gift, or one of our other snack mixes, such as the Gift For Guys. Or, consider unique condiments that can spice up dining hall fare, such as CaJohn’s Fiery Foods Frostbite Hot Sauce or BlackBerry Patch Maple Praline Syrup. Finally, for those with access to a kitchen, nothing says “home” quite like Sunflour Baking Company Banana Muffin Mix. Holiday Gifts For Neighbors

Whether you’re acting as a Welcome Wagon for a new set of neighbors this holiday season, or simply showing good tidings to long-standing friends, a holiday foody gift is the perfect neighborly solution. If you know your neighbors fairly well, draw upon your shared experiences and hobbies – perhaps with a cookout-friendly seasoning rub like TBJ Maple Bay Sugar Rub, or even appeal to your fellow wine enthusiast with Vinoos the Real Wine Gummies. Or, go all-out and gift The Mixologist Gift, complete with a selection of cocktail mixers and bitters, perfect for the next gathering.

For those new arrivals, the holidays are an ideal time to give a holiday and housewarming gift guaranteed to ensure your new neighbors are set up in style. Our convenient Housewarming Gift contains a selection of spreads, meats, and treats that will fit even the choosiest of new friends. Or, select a variety of spices, spreads, syrups, and honeys to get them started on building a pantry of their dreams; we like Fogwood Food Shiitake Mushroom Powder and Sunflour Baking Company Spiced Sugar to start, accompanied by a Cloister Honey Trio Gift Box or Tim Buck’s BarBQ Sauce to top.

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Whether you choose one of our unique, curated gift sets or choose to build your own, the options really are unlimited. We understand that choosing the perfect holiday gift for your recipient may take some additional consideration, especially regarding allergens, gluten, and other requirements or preferences. Contact the Small Batch Foody Team with any questions regarding the above, or with shipping, customization, and packaging requests. Happy Gifting!

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