Five Ways to Impress Mom This Year (Hint – Not Flowers)

It's that time of year again: time to start thinking about Mother’s Day and what gift, exactly, will show the woman who raised you just how much you appreciate her. While there’s really no tangible item that can truly express what a mother means, don’t take that to mean that you shouldn’t bother finding a gift for your mom. The truth is, while a gift can’t possibly adequately thank Mom for all she’s done for you, she’ll love knowing that you took the time to find something special, just for her.

Mothers Day Gifts
Yes, even your mom – the mom who says she already has everything. The woman you’ve been buying flowers for all these years because she says she just doesn’t need any more stuff. Showing your mom just how much you care by crafting a gift that will fit her tastes perfectly can make even the woman who has everything smile this Mother’s Day.

The Perfect Gift


Finding the perfect gift is usually easier said than done – that’s why the flower companies are so busy every May. Surely, the thought of heading to the jewelry store, the candle shop, or the florist is no more appealing than it was last year. We’d argue, however, that the perfect Mother’s Day gift is right here at your fingertips.

Foody gifts are the perfect gift for any mom, but especially for the mom who claims she has everything already. After all, we all have to eat, but gifting Mom with a unique culinary treat you know she’ll enjoy, lovingly packaged by a local artisan takes sweet gifting to the next level. Better yet, there truly is something for everyone – whether your Mom leans sweet or savory, you’re sure to find the ideal, customized gift just for her.

Read on for our top five list of unique, handcrafted foody gifts for every Mom on your family’s list. Then, purchase right here on our website – no need to head out to the gift store or market. Our top gifts for this year include:

  • Chocolate Lovers Gift. We know, it sounds trite – but this is so far from that run-of-the-mill, cardboard box of chocolates you picked up at the grocery store last year, it isn’t even funny. This year, show Mom what chocolate is really all about with the Chocolate Lovers Gift.

    Perfect for the chocoholic Mom in any family, this gift features so many unique chocolate items we can’t list them all here. However, Coco & Co Mexican Chocolate Spread, Whimsical Candy’s Lah Dee Dah Bar, and Coco Pod Raspberry Chocolate Hazelnut are a few highlights. This specially curated chocolate assortment is sure to satisfy Mom’s chocolate cravings as well as introduce her to a few new flavor combinations she won’t be able to put down. For a finished look, the entire assortment comes in our signature Small Batch Tote.

  • Snacks Galore. Maybe Mom is a snacktime queen and loves mixing both sweet and savory items for the perfect, relaxing treat. However, this isn’t your average snack bundle of grocery store fare and prepackaged sweets laced with preservatives. Our Snacks Galore gift is full of unique, artisan finds your mom won’t be able to resist and comes in our signature Small Batch tote.

    From the Blue Moose peanut butter fudge to the Zydeco Trinity Creole Salsa, this snack mix truly does have something for everyone. Remember the seemingly never-ending supply of mints in Mom’s purse? They're about to be replaced by our Mellow Orange Cracked Candy – and who could blame her?

  • Hot Stuff. Despite the stereotypes, not all moms are into the sweet, sugary, fluffy bits of life. If your mom likes it hot, maybe the Hot Stuff gift basket is more her speed. Loaded with heat and brimming with spice, this variety assortment of all things hot will be sure to fit her craving for a snack with a kick – and it’s all packaged in our signature Small Batch tote.

    Like our other, hand-picked, artisan-made selections, however, rest assured that this basket goes far beyond your average spicy snack mix. Unique items like AR’s Hot Southern Honey and Gator Hammock Swamp Gator Sauce truly offer a fun perspective into what it means to love spicy. Don’t fret – there’s a little something for the sweet and spicy lover here, too, with the Olive and Sinclair Cinnamon Chili bar to end the night on a sweet note.

  • Mixologist Gift. Is Mom a Mixologist or a Cocktail Connoisseur? If not, she will be after perusing this selection of some of the most unique and interesting mixers from our artisan brewers. Better yet, the whole array of mixers comes in our Small Batch Foody tote.

Of course, the Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix could be a favorite of most moms – but your mom isn’t like most moms. That’s why we’ve included curated mixer treats from Mother Shrub and Crude Bitters to round out the mixology experience. No matter which cocktail she enjoys, Mom will find a new and interesting kick for every drink on her list.

  • Pickles, meats, and honey, oh my. Is your mom so one-of-a-kind that none of our curated gift selections quite fit the bill? Choose from any of our other unique products and build a gift basket all on your own, filled with the perfect selection of snacks, ingredients, and baked goods. All of our products are handmade by local artisans and cover nearly every taste sensation on the planet. From perfect pickles to expertly dried meats, to artisan honeys and syrups – and more – you’ll find what you’re looking for, guaranteed.

Foody gifts are the perfect gift for any Mom because they’re just so customizable. Your mom is an integral, unique part of making you, you – don’t you think she deserves a gift that says you truly know what she enjoys? Get inspired by our selections, choose one of our curated gifts, or choose a little of both.

This Mother’s Day, choosing a foody gift that’s miles away from last year’s tired bouquet will help you show Mom just how much you appreciate her. Even better, you’ll be supporting local artisans and helping them grow their businesses so they can continue crafting foody gifts for years to come.

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