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Blushing Wren Teas & BotanicalsBlushing Wren Teas & Botanicals

Blushing Wren Tea & Botanicals Green Heart

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ingredients: Nepal green tea, hawthorn leaf, hawthorn berry, nettles, peppermint, linden leaves and flowers (all organic). This green tea offers an incredible floral bouquet and is designed to calm and nourish your heart. Hawthorn is known to increase circulation, lower cholesterol and control blood pressure and is full of anthocyanins. It works in beautiful synchronicity with linden which can help to ease stress and tension. 25g bag

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Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals
Based in Philadelphia with my daydreams adrift in a field of chamomile, Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals offers ...

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