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Blushing Wren Teas & BotanicalsBlushing Wren Teas & Botanicals

Blushing Wren Tea & Botanicals Oolong Dew

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This oolong tea is certified organic, fair trade and farmed biodynamically at the Makaibari estate in India’s Darjeeling district. The green leaves and silver buds produce a tea of delectable terroir- lemony, vegetal, earthy, floral. Ingredients: Makaibari Estate oolong tea, cornflower, peppermint, rose petal (all organic). Size: 25g.

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Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals
Based in Philadelphia with my daydreams adrift in a field of chamomile, Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals offers ...

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