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AR's Hot Southern HoneyAR's Hot Southern Honey

AR's Hot Southern Honey

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Like AR’s® Original Hot Southern Honey (Hot-Mild), the new Hot-Hot is produced in Virginia and infused with the a fuller, tasty heat of red chili peppers for those who wanted a bigger experience of heat!

Use as a flavorful accompaniment to fried chicken, cheese and crackers, and as a glaze on grilled salmon, pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables like Brussel sprouts and carrots, and chicken wings! Also terrific in marinades or drizzled on yogurt, ice cream and pizza.

Our products consist only of 100% real and natural honey and peppers. We do not use syrupy additives to substitute for real honey or peppers extracts for real peppers.

Squeezable bottles with flip tops.

12 oz

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AR's Hot Southern Honey
Meet AR – Ames Russell Ames is lifelong food enthusiast and Southern cuisine fan. He grew up putting honey on fried c...

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