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Blank Slate Sechuan Chili Oil

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Tingly, numbing, nuanced, complex, and of course spicy! This chili oil is infused with 11 spices and herbs before being poured hot over two types of ground chilis and ground Szechuan peppercorns, toasting them and infusing the whole with big flavors! Unlike anything else on the market, our Szechuan Chili Oil offers layers and layers of flavor, not just heat. 
The flavor concept of "ma la", common in Szechuan cuisine, is named for the Chinese characters for "numbing" and "spicy". Szechuan peppercorns provide a tingly numbness on the tongue that accents the spice from the chilis. With a medium heat level, it is meant to be used generously. 
Made in small batches by hand in Brooklyn, we use all non-GMO ingredients and mostly organic when at all possible.

8 oz

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