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Copper Pot & Wooden SpoonCopper Pot & Wooden Spoon

Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon Peach 'Shine Moonshine & Vanilla Bean Jam

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A distinct Southern Appalachian tradition, moonshine, has been distilled in the mountains of Western Carolina since the early 1800’s. What better way to “Preserve Tradition” than to combine this true mountain Spirit with locally grown peaches to create our Peach ‘Shine Jam. We macerated perfectly ripe Western Carolina peaches with whole vanilla beans overnight, cooked them into a delicious jam and finished with Troy & Sons Moonshine, distilled from local heirloom variety Crooked Creek Corn. The clarity of fruit flavor is heightened by the addition of this premium spirit and balanced by the vanilla undertones.

Savor the subtle layers of flavor with your favorite soft and creamy cheeses, serve atop thick cut French Toast, dress up your vanilla ice cream, or stir into a fruity cocktail for a true Southern delight--try our recipe for a Peachy Shine Spritzer!

This local harvest includes Peaches from the Western Carolinas and Troy & Sons Moonshine, distilled from locally grown corn, in Asheville NC.

Made with Quality All Natural Ingredients:
Peaches, Sugar, Moonshine (Corn Whiskey), Lemon Juice, Vanilla Bean

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Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon
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