Cracked Candy Peppermint Ice - Small Batch Foody
Cracked Candy Peppermint Ice - Small Batch Foody
Cracked CandyCracked Candy

Cracked Candy Peppermint Ice

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The peppermint makes all other peppermints question their mint-ness.

Here's the good stuff: Cooling and refreshing Peppermint Ice keeps your mouth happy and your mind alert. Like all Cracked Candy it's naturally sweetened with non-GMO xylitol and diabetic friendly (doesn't impact insulin levels). It also strengthens teeth by reducing new tooth decay and cavity-causing bacteria. It's non GMO and there's no corn, sugar, soy, gluten, wheat or dairy. Lesson over.

1.76 oz

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Cracked Candy
The mission of Cracked Candy is to provide a happy and healthy, great tasting all-natural candy that gives you all th...

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