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French Broad ChocolateFrench Broad Chocolate

French Broad Chocolate Dark Milk 1 oz

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This Dark Milk Chocolate Bar comes to you via a special collaboration with Fazenda Camboa of Bahia, Brazil. The State of Bahia is one of the most biodiverse places on earth with a long tradition of cacao farming. When Witches' Broom disease hit Brazil's cacao trees in 1989, much of the country's industry collapsed. Having spent years rehabilitating their grandfather's farm, Fazenda Camboa, brothers Arthur and Eduardo Carvalho are now bringing quality, ethical cacao farming back to Bahia. Through the use of labor-intensive techniques, such as hand pruning and bark grafting, the Carvalho brothers are producing world-class cacao prized for its unique character. Their cacao has earned Brazilian and USDA organic certifications, and because Fazenda Camboa pays a fair wage, Arthur and Eduardo are strengthening their community. We are proud to offer Fazenda Camboa cacao in this limited release bar. Dark Milk Chocolate is a category unto itself. This high-cacao mass milk chocolate possesses the richness and depth of dark chocolate, but is smoother and creamier thanks to the addition of organic milk and browned butter. In our 53% cacao mass dark milk chocolate, we taste brownie butter, dates and fudge. - French Broad Chocolates

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French Broad Chocolate
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