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Our Mom's Best Apple Cranberry Jelly

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Apple Cranberry Hot Pepper Jelly from Our Mom’s Best is our best seller for those that really don’t dare go for the hot stuff but still want a kick of heat. This spicy offering is like a burst of sassy apple sauce laced with cranberry luscious mild peppers then a kick of light kick of habanero as a finish. On a fiery scale of 1-10 it is a 5 or 6 depending upon your taste.


Apple Cranberry Hot pepper Jelly pairs nicely with Pork, Chicken and veggie. It is great as a spicy starter quick and easy appetizer when spooned over on cream cheese or brie. Look for our Pork Roast recipe and my Holiday Cranberry Relish for fun ideas for this flavorful topping. Perfect for egg rolls and a flavorful surprise on a turkey sandwich instead of mayonnaise.


Ingredients: Bell peppers, Apples Cranberries, sugar, white vinegar, 100% citrus fruit pectin and habanero peppers.

9 oz

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