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Wanna Date?Wanna Date?

Wanna Date? Date Spread

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In love with dates as they are and don’t want any flavors getting in the way? No problem. This is the spread for you. OG Wanna Date? is our simple, totally natural date spread that checks every box: paleo, vegan, 25 calories per serving, allergen friendly, and added-sugar free. We know what you’re thinking...where has this spread been all my life? Well, quit asking questions and add this to your cart! ✓ Paleo ✓ Gluten free ✓ Dairy free ✓ Fat free ✓ Cholesterol free ✓ Sodium free ✓ Soy free ✓ Vegan ✓ Non GMO ✓ No added sugar ✓ 25 calories per serving Say yes!

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